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"Singer-Songwriter" is based in San Diego.  We are community of songwriters, music-lovers, listeners, collaborators and audio enthusiasts sharing a common love - music!  Come join us at our events for inspiration and fun. 


Come for refreshments and the entertaining stories behind the songs and celebrities.


Our events showcase well-known hit songwriters.  Come meet them, listen, chat and learn.  Tickets on Sale Soon.  

Past Events

An Evening with Steve Dorff

February 3rd, 2018

Jack Tempchin, Songwriter

April 21st, 2018

Upcoming Events in 2018

No upcoming events.

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Do you have questions, want to book a show, or collaborate on a new piece? Reach out and let's make magic happen. 

Singer-Songwriter Events


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Christi Ransom Photography

Professional photography services for your special events.  Visit christiransomphotography.com

NSAI - San Diego

NSAI stands for "Nashville Songwriters Association International".  Come explore our monthly meet-ups to hone in your songwriting craft! 

San Diego Songwriters Meetup

Come sharpen your songwriting craft even further by coming to a Songwriters meetup.  Held locally in San Diego, each meetup always has unique guests and topics in music to explore.